Treatment Courses for Hepatitis C

28 tablets
Course for 28 days
Twinvir - Course for 28 days
Ladipasvir 90 mg,
Sophosbuvir 400 mg
Incepta Pharmaceuticals
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84 tablets
Course for 84 days
Twinvir - Course for 84 days
Ladipasvir 90 mg,
Sophosbuvir 400 mg
Incepta Pharmaceuticals
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56 tablets
Course for 56 days
Twinvir - Course for 56 days
Ladipasvir 90 mg,
Sophosbuvir 400 mg
Incepta Pharmaceuticals
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General Information

  • Name

    Twinvir ™ - combined antiviral agent.

  • Composition

    One Twinvir ™ tablet contains Ladipasvir 90 mg and Sophosbuvir 400 mg.

  • Indication

    The combination of Ledipasvir and Sofosbuvir is used for the treatment of hepatitis C of genotype 1, 4, 5 and 6 in adults.

  • Dosage Form

    28 tablets, film-coated.

  • Dosage and Administration

    Recommended dosage: one tablet (Ladipasvir 90 mg and Sofosbuvir 400 mg) is taken orally once a day. Recommended duration of treatment for patients without experience of negative response to therapy: 12 weeks. With experience of a negative response to therapy (without cirrhosis of the liver): 24 weeks. With experience of a negative response to therapy (with cirrhosis of the liver): 24 weeks.

  • Drug Interactions

    Joint use of the drug with amiodarone can lead to bradycardia. P-gp inductors (rifampicin, rifabutin, St. John's wort, carbmazepine, phenobarbital and phenytoin) lower the concentration of Ladipasvir and Sofosbuvir in the blood, which adversely affects the effectiveness of treatment.

  • Pregnancy and Lactation

    There is no data on the effect of the drug on fetal development and lactation. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, the drug can be prescribed only by the therapist.

  • Pediatrics

    The safety and efficacy of the combination of Ledipasvir and Sofosbuvir in patients under 18 years of age have not been studied.

  • Description

    Twinvir ™ is available in the form of tablets for oral administration. The composition includes two active components: Ladipasvir, which is an inhibitor of the viral protein, and also Sofosbuvir, an inhibitor of the RNA polymerase.

  • Special Instructions

    Bradycardia can occur in patients taking amiodarone, especially those who simultaneously use amiodarone with other drugs that slow the heart rate. The joint administration of amiodarone with the combination of Ledipasvir and Sofosbuvirais not recommended. Cardiac monitoring is recommended in patients without alternative treatment options. The dosage for patients with severe renal failure or renal insufficiency of the final stage is calculated individually by the attending physician. The use of Twinvir ™ with other drugs containing Sofosbuvir is not recommended.


What is Twinvir™?
Twinvir is a prescription drug consisting of two components: Ladipasvir and Sofosbuvir, intended for the treatment of hepatitis C genotypes 1, 4, 5 and 6 in adults.
Can Twinvir ™ be taken by HIV patients?
The combination of Ledipasvir and Sofosbuvir is possible for use in patients with hepatitis C and HIV. Before starting the treatment, you should consult your physician who will calculate the dosage individually.
How to take Twinvir™ correctly?
The drug should be taken as directed by your physician in accordance with the prescribed dosage. The dosage can be changed only by your physician. Twinvir ™ is taken the following way: one tablet once a day with or without food.
Is it necessary to take Twinvir ™ with other medicines to treat genotype 1, 4, 5, 6 of hepatitis C?
Usually, the use of additional medicines at the same time with Twinvir™ is not required. Depending on the severity of the disease and the associated pathologies, the physician can add Ribavirin to the course of treatment.
What side effects can occur when taking Twinvir™?
When treated with a combination of Ledipasvir and Sofosbuvir, side effects such as weakness and headache may occur.
What is the treatment duration with Twinvir™?
The treatment period is determined only by the attending physician. Depending on the condition of the patient with hepatitis C, Twinvir™ treatment may last 8, 12 or 24 weeks. In each case, the following factors should be considered: whether the person has previously been treated for hepatitis C, what the level of the virus in the body is, and also the degree of development of the liver disease (the presence or absence of cirrhosis) and whether liver transplantation has been performed.
What facts or conditions should the patient inform the physician of before taking Twinvir™?
Before taking this medication, the patient should notify the physician of the following:
  1. If there are other liver problems other than hepatitis C infection.
  2. If you have renal failure or you are on dialysis.
  3. If there are any other medical complications.
  4. If you are pregnant or you plan to conceive.
  5. If you are breastfeeding or you plan to.
It is not established whether the combination of Ledipasvir and Sofosbuvir penetrates into breast milk. Patients should inform the physician about all medications they take.
How to learn about the results of treatment with Twinvir ™ and to know whether there was a recovery?
The result of treatment with Twinvir™ can be determined three months after the beginning of the treatment. To find out if the patient has recovered from hepatitis C, a blood test is enough.
How should I store Twinvir™?
The drug is stored at room temperature, not exceeding 30 ° C..

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